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União Química

Brazilian chemical-pharmaceutical laboratory.

Package Design

The project involved developing the packaging design for their line of anti-inflammatory products called Gelo-Bio.

The challenge for this project was to create a packaging design that would effectively communicate the product's benefits, while also meeting regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical products. We wanted to create a design that would stand out on the shelf, while also conveying a sense of trust and reliability to the consumer.

To achieve this, we used a clean and modern design approach, with a focus on simplicity and clarity. We incorporated the product name and key benefits prominently on the packaging, along with regulatory information such as dosage instructions and warnings.

We also used a blue and white color scheme, which is often associated with cleanliness and purity, and added a subtle ice texture to the packaging to reinforce the product's cooling and soothing effects.

The resulting packaging design was well-received by the client and effectively communicated the product's benefits to consumers. It also met all regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical products, ensuring the product could be sold legally and safely in the Brazilian market.

Overall, the project was a success, and the packaging design we created helped to enhance the brand recognition and reputation of União Química in the pharmaceutical industry.


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