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Pay Television Service

Sky Marketplace Booklet

A program for authorized dealers of the Sky satellite TV service. The project involved designing a comprehensive booklet that contained all the necessary information for new authorized dealers.

As the Director of Art, I worked closely with the Sky Market Place team to understand their needs and objectives for the booklet. We collaborated to create a visually appealing design that would make the booklet engaging and easy to read, while also ensuring that all the necessary information was included.

To accomplish this, we used a combination of bold typography, vibrant colors, and engaging graphics to create a visually striking layout that would appeal to dealers. We also organized the content in a clear and concise manner, using headings, subheadings, and bullet points to make the information easy to navigate.

The resulting booklet was well-received by new Sky Market Place authorized dealers, who found it informative and easy to use. The success of the project was a testament to the power of effective design in communicating complex information in an engaging and accessible manner.


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