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Indian multinational pharmaceutical company.

Corporate Identity

The project included the creation of a visual communication strategy, with the development of graphic pieces for online and offline media, such as website banners, ads for specialized health magazines, informative brochures for medical offices, and posters for pharmacies.

The challenge of this project was to create a campaign that conveyed the effectiveness and safety of the medication, without losing sight of the need to communicate clearly and accurately with the target audience, which are mainly doctors and patients seeking effective treatments. In addition, it was important to maintain the visual identity of the Rambaxy brand, which is recognized for the quality of its products and innovation in its treatments.

With a highly committed team and a well-defined strategic planning, we were able to develop a successful campaign that achieved the objectives proposed by Rambaxy, generating positive impact among the target audience and consolidating the image of the company as a reference in health and innovation.


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