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Brazilian multinational manufacturer of surfactants and chemicals.

Chemistry Precision Concept

Showcase the chemical precision of the product in the oil extraction process. To convey this message, I used the concept of a golf game, where the oil rig is compared to a golf hole, and the product is the golf ball that needs to be precisely placed into the hole. The imagery and illustrations are centered around this concept, showing how the product, just like a skilled golfer, can achieve precise results in the oil extraction process.

Sustainability Report

The report aimed to communicate the company's commitment to sustainability and showcase their efforts to reduce their environmental impact. The design incorporated a clean and modern aesthetic, featuring colorful infographics and engaging visuals to highlight key data and initiatives. The use of eco-friendly materials and printing techniques were also considered to align with the report's sustainability message.

Industrial PMO Campaign

The campaign aimed to communicate the importance and benefits of having a PMO in place, as well as the services and support offered by Oxiteno's PMO team. The visuals incorporated icons and graphics related to project management, such astimelines, to convey the idea of structure and organization. The copy focused on the benefits of having a PMO, such as improved project performance, resource optimization, and risk reduction.

Packaging design

Packaging for product presentations was designed to convey the quality and sophistication of the chemicals produced by the company. The packaging includes important information about the products, such as their chemical composition and possible applications, and features illustrations and graphics that help demonstrate the effectiveness of the products. With a clean and modern design, it conveys a professional and trustworthy image to the company's potential customers.

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