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Live Marketing Agency.

Commercial Presentation

The challenge for this project was to create a presentation that would effectively communicate the agency's capabilities and showcase the projects they have successfully completed for clients. The presentation needed to be visually engaging, professional, and easy to follow.

To achieve this, I worked closely with the copywriters and designers on the team to develop a presentation that was both informative and visually appealing. We started by selecting the most impressive and successful projects the agency had completed and organized them into sections that highlighted our areas of expertise.

We then developed a consistent visual style for the presentation, using bold typography, high-quality images, and a color palette that reflected the agency's brand identity. We also incorporated infographics and charts to showcase the agency's performance metrics and demonstrate the results achieved for our clients.

In addition to the visual elements, we also focused on creating a clear and concise narrative that would guide the audience through the presentation and effectively communicate the agency's value proposition. We developed a script that emphasized the agency's strengths and expertise, and used storytelling techniques to engage the audience and build trust.

The resulting presentation was a success, and helped the agency to attract new clients and win new business. The engaging visuals and clear narrative effectively showcased the agency's capabilities and demonstrated the results they had achieved for clients. Overall, the project was a testament to the importance of strong visual design and storytelling in effective marketing and business development.


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