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Internacional de Santos Triathlon

Triathlon event held in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil. The logo design incorporated elements that represent the sport of triathlon, including a cyclist, a swimmer, and a runner, all in motion. The color scheme used was vibrant and energetic, reflecting the spirit of the event. The logo successfully captured the essence of the triathlon and effectively promoted the event to the target audience, helping to establish a recognizable and memorable brand identity for the event.

Meia Maratona Internacional da Cidade de São Paulo

The logo was inspired by the streets of São Paulo and featured lines resembling those of a city map, with the letter "M" in the center resembling the design of the MASP, a famous tourist attraction in São Paulo.

Girl Power Run

Women's street race event was inspired by feminine strength and empowerment. It features a bold, stylized wordmark in a modern sans-serif font, conveying the energy and determination of the participants. The color scheme is a vibrant mix of pink and purple, creating a visually striking and memorable logo for the event.

Copa VO2

Cycling race that takes place in the mountains of São Paulo, specifically in Campos do Jordão, conveys speed, focus, and performance. The design features a sleek, dynamic shape with bold typography and vibrant colors, creating a sense of energy and movement. The overall aesthetic of the logo is geared towards capturing the excitement and intensity of the event, while also emphasizing the beauty and challenge of cycling in the mountains.