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Norte Marketing Esportivo

Sports and cultural projects in Latin America.

Circuito das Estações 2023

Main goal was to promote a "good vibes" atmosphere throughout the race. To achieve this, I worked closely with the marketing team to create an advertising campaign that highlighted the theme and conveyed a sense of positive energy.

I started by selecting a palette of vibrant colors that evoked the "good vibes" theme. I chose cheerful tones such as orange, blue, green and red , which not only created a sense of enthusiasm but were also easy to identify in the event's trademark.

For the advertising campaign, was developed a series of illustrations that depicted happy and active people, showing how the race could be fun and exciting. These illustrations were used in all promotional materials, from posters to social media ads.

In addition, as part of strategy to promote "good vibes", was created a line of products for Circuito das Estações. These products included

t-shirts, bags, bottles and medals with the same vibrant colors of the color palette, as well as fun and motivational illustrations.

On the day of the event, we made sure that the entire race layout was designed to promote a sense of positive energy, as placed motivational slogans throughout the starting and finishing line. also was installed photo stations that allowed participants to take fun photos and share their positive experiences on social media.

Ultimately, my goal was to create an atmosphere of celebrating life and well-being through sports practice. I am happy to say that we were able to promote a memorable and "good vibes" experience for all participants.


10 Milhas On Running

Road Running


Meia Maratona Internacional da Cidade de São Paulo 2023

The goal was to develop a visual identity that conveyed the grandeur and importance of this street race both for the city and for the runners. In collaboration with the marketing team, we created a design that highlighted one of São Paulo's main tourist attractions, such as the MASP, incorporating it into the race logo and generating a strong and striking image. In summary, we aimed to provide a unique and memorable experience for the runners and celebrate São Paulo as an ideal destination for running.


Rio S 21K 2023

Road Running